Clean Sketch

Full Body$60$30
Waist Up$50$25

Complex designs will be simplified.


Full Body$95$47.50
Waist Up$75$37.5


Full Body$160$80
Waist Up$125$62.50

Additional Options

  • Additional characters: Each additional character on the same canvas is priced at half the base price. These are noted in the prices tables above.

  • Max. of 4 characters on the same canvas for non-bust/portrait commissions.

  • Characters on separate canvases are priced as separate commissions.

  • Backgrounds: I don't do full backgrounds, but I can do simple gradients or solid colors, or decorative ones such as frames. These won't incur a fee, but the level of detail depends on the style (i.e. sketches have simpler designs). Just let me know if you want one by noting it in your email!


  • Prices are in USD and are paid via PayPal invoice.

  • For clients in the Philippines: If you prefer paying via other means such as GCash, bank transfer, etc., just let me know! Prices will be converted to PHP and adjusted based on current exchange rates.

Commissions Are Closed

Interested in a commission? Just send me an email at [email protected] with the subject Commission Inquiry and let me know the following:

StyleClean Sketch / Flats / Rendered
CroppingBust / Waist Up / Full Body
Background InformationJust short and concise enough so I won't accidentally depict your OC/s as OOC!
ReferencesVisual references are preferred (Picrews, Pinterest boards, existing reference sheets, game screenshots, and previous commissions).
For game screenshots: Please make sure they're well-lit so the colors are more accurate! Please provide front, side, and back views of the subject as well. 
Additional NotesPose references or other info you want me to keep in mind. You can also let me know if you want a simple decorative background (you can specify what kind of design).
PayPal EmailIn case it's different from your contact email.
Twitter Handle / Tumblr UsernameTotally optional, but I may contact you here as well in case my emails don't go through.

Art Usage

  • Can I repost your art? - Only if you ask first and only on sites other than where I posted it myself. If I say yes, please retain my signature and link back to any of my socials, preferably Twitter. If not, please respect my decision.

  • Can I use your art as my header/avatar? - Yes, so as long as you credit me on your bio or somewhere visible.

  • Can I print your art? - Only for art trade/collab/commission pieces intended for you and only for personal use. If you want a certain artwork as a print, just let me know.

  • Can I edit your art or remove your signature/watermark? - Absolutely not.

  • Can I use your OCs/OC designs for roleplaying, etc? - Please don't. However, you can go for adopts or commission me to design a character for you instead. I can lead you to other artists as well if you like.


  • What equipment/tools/software do you use? - Clip Studio Paint Ex with a Wacom Cintiq 16 (not Pro) and iPad Pro 12.9 2021 (M1) & Apple pencil 2.

  • What brushes do you use? - Just some customized default brushes from CSP. I use a rounded flat marker brush for my line art, a mono pen for quick sketches, and a flat oil brush for rendering.

  • Do you have other resources (CSP actions, etc.) you can share? - I have a set of actions I use often! Not sure if anyone else would find them useful, but you can ask! There's also a bunch of gradient maps I use to make my colors prettier.

  • Do you make process videos? - Not really, but you can ask for one if you want and I might make one sometime.

  • Do you stream? - No, unfortunately.

  • Do you create adopts/adoptables? - I get too attached with my designs to make adopts, but I might give it a try in the near future.

Commissions + Misc.

  • How often do you open commissions? - I don't have a set schedule or date for that. If you want, I can notify you as soon as I reopen my commissions. Emails will be sent at least a week before I plan on reopening, or earlier if ever there are changes to my prices and/or terms.

  • What do I do if I missed your commission opening and there are no more open slots? - I work in batches, so I can add you to my waitlist if you're alright with waiting a while. You'll be a part of the next batch, but I'll ask for a confirmation first in case you want to forego your slot for whatever reason. You won't be charged when you're waitlisted.

  • Can we do art trades/collabs? - This is exclusive to mutuals, so if we are, feel free to ask!

  • Do you have an NSFW art account? - Yea.